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“Well, I could hardly have a website about me that didn’t have a special page on what I often refer to as my ‘fifth child’….Dreams, as it has played such a huge role in my life.


In my twenties I had worked my way up the ladder to become an Area Manager in the world of Retail Furniture but I had always been desperate to start my own business. So in 1987, aged 30 I finally took the plunge by selling my car, maxing out my Barclaycard and putting up my home for security which enabled me to open my first, very modest shop.


The risk of losing everything coupled with a real determination to prove myself was a great motivator to work even harder!

In the early years, I did everything myself – sold beds in the day, delivered them in the evening and did the bookkeeping on Sundays…I’m a true believer that hard work and true perseverance always pays off and for me, this meant the successful opening of a further 3 stores in only 2 years of trading. 


I continued to work hard and perfecting a formula that I was able to repeat in different towns, built a bed factory in the Midlands and introduced many trail-blazing initiatives that have since become industry norms.  In 21 years, I grew the business to over 200 superstores located up and down the country, we were delivering over 8,000 beds a week, employed over 2,000 staff and managed to increase profits year on year.


It was then that I made the very difficult decision to sell the business (my 5th child!) as I felt I had just about proved myself. I needed a break but most of all, I needed a new challenge. However, I still own the Head Office in High Wycombe and keep a keen eye on developments. I'm delighted to still be in contact with many Dreams staff past and present. I guess that despite selling Dreams, she will always be ‘my baby’. zzz

Mike Clare


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